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Helping make your event unforgettable


DJ RondaPopularly regarded as the best DJ in the Serrania, Vicen has awakened Rondeñans from their slumber with his nu-disco and deep soul nights, injecting this ¨city of dreams¨ with a much needed edge.

He combines a keen ear for grooves with an extensive knowledge of independent and underground music, seamlessly and masterfully mixed to keep you moving.

Listen to his sessions on Altajo#np on #SoundCloud and decide for yourself and then call 0034 615 334 301 or visit


Flamenco RondaFlamenco artists are the soul of Andalucia.

We are very lucky to know guitarists, singers and dancers with international reputations, who are also available to perform for more intimate gatherings.

Whether you are looking for just a guitarist, an accompanying singer, or even a dancer too, this group can swell according to your preference and include up to six performers.

Paqui Ronda (Laguna Mayo), the principal dancer, will co-ordinate the group for you. She performs throughout Europe, but most particularly in London where she lived for a number of years. She speaks excellent English and her dance school is the pride of the Peña de flamenco of Ronda.

Please follow these links to her website and Facebook page: or

Her colleagues include the highly acclaimed dancer Felipe de Algeciras who has returned from a celebrated career in London to run a new flamenco dance company in his home town of Algeciras.

Flamenco RondaAnd also the greatly esteemed singer Olayo Jimenez, a descendant from a long line of gypsy artists heralding from a small village in Teruel. He has successfully forged an international career performing with prestigious musicians including Paco Pena and Diego La Cigala and recently as the main singer in the film 'Dot the I'.

The flamenco guitarist Pedro Viscomi Martin ¨El Patilla¨has been performing professionally since he was just eleven years old. Like the other performers in this talented group, he has also toured the world with well known and established flamenco names. Tagged in various you tube clips, you can catch a glimpse of him performing and hear the quality of his playing.


Christian KammerlChristian Kammerl is a very fine and highly regarded classical guitarist, who has performed at two of the weddings we have held at La Alcantarilla.

Guests have sipped their champagne and mingled to the strains of his guitar.

Please find him on Facebook if you wish to hear some of his music:




Argentinian TangoBuenos Aires born Graciela Heredia has been dancing throughout her life and throughout the world. Her prowess in this field is evident with every subtle and seductive move she makes.

The intensity and beauty of folkloric Argentinian tango has a grace incomparable to the ballroom version. She performs mostly with Diego Arias, a fellow Argentinian and professional contemporary dance choreographer. Such is the extent of their deep knowledge of this dance, their partnership is mesmerising and flawless. She works with gifted and experienced musicians whom accompany her in the performance.

Find Graciela at:




Dina ArriazaIf you like Amy Winehouse, look no further than Dina Arriaza, who is widely believed to be her reincarnation.

Obsessed with American music from the 50s and second in La Voz (The Voice) in Spain last year, Dina's live performances are extraordinary.

Despite an emerging international career, Dina loves Arriate and has already performed in Los Cairelles a number of times to a packed and adoring audience. We are hoping she will return to sing at EL Muelle this summer too.

If you would like to hear her singing, please watch these youtube links and contact her via Facebook: